Cunderdin Museum

A collection full of surprises, in the heart of the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme

See one of the biggest water pumps in Western Australia, inside this museum, which is located in Goldfields Water Supply Scheme No.3 Steam Pumping station. The collection contains the original pump from No. 7 pumping station: A huge Worthington Horizontal Duplex Triple Expansion High Duty Pumping Engine. The pumping station originally contained three of these engines, which, together, moved 3 million gallons (13.6 million litres) of water per day. The Museum occupies nearly two acres and includes original items from the pipeline. There are examples of the original locking bar steel pipe and also wood pipe which was used to repair sections of the pipeline during the 1930’s. A full set of original spanners for servicing the Worthington Engines are displayed in the engine room. The Museum also represents the agricultural, rail and local history of the district. Step inside the charming original rail dining carriage. This carriage was used between Perth and Cunderdin, where it was removed from the train for the onward journey to Kalgoorlie. View horse carriages and farming machinery in the large shed next to the original pumping station. There is even a house that shakes, to simulate the 1968 Meckering earthquake.


Lot 418 Forrest Street
Cunderdin WA 6407

Opening Hours
7 days 10am - 4pm; Closed for the Christmas - New Year period; Opening hours are subject to change due to availability of volunteers, so contact the museum prior to visiting. Admission fees apply.
Under pressure

This is the only surviving Venturi meter of its kind in Western Australia. It is a clock and water meter which was used to record the volume, rate and fluctuation in the pressure of water passing...

Pitcher party

Mrs Em Sherrington collected and donated these jugs to the museum. She volunteered for many organisations in the community for many years including the Museum. She was also among the first responders...

Hoarding hair

This ceramic doll is a hair collector or receiver. It was used to store hair which had been removed from hairbrushes. The hair was then used for stuffing in small items like pincushions or making...

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