Forrest Museum

An intrepid four-wheel drive or fly in to visit this museum

This little museum is in a location that could best be described, in Australia, as ‘woop woop’ - or, the back of beyond! The Forrest Museum is in the old weather station and shares the aviation, rail and meteorological history of Forrest. Located on the Trans-Australian Railway line, getting to Forrest is an intrepid travellers dream, via a four-to-six-hour hard drive over a bumpy 124 km track from Eucla. Don’t forget to pack your camera, this is the outback highway for many species of lizard. Forrest was established in 1917 as a siding and maintenance stop for the railway line. The Bureau of Meteorology weather station opened in the early 1950s and ceased operating in 1995. The airport at Forrest opened in 1929 and is now a private airport, servicing light aircraft crossing Australia from East to West. It features the original hanger and if you stay long enough, you can enjoy a game of tennis inside. There used to be movie nights from an old projector, however this is now a thing of the past. Road access is only for more experienced four-wheel drivers and not recommended after significant rain, due to track conditions. You must call ahead to book accommodation and meals, and to inform Forrest of your anticipated arrival time.


1 Forrest-Mundrabilla Road
Forrest WA 6434

Opening Hours

It is essential to contact the caretakers on the number provided in advance of travelling to Forrest.


Forrest townsfolk left weird things behind: you would think someone might have missed their teeth! In 1968 the Forrest ‘township’ had a population of 58 (plus one dog). Most of the residents were...

Releasing balloons

This white box is purpose-built to release weather balloons. Up until the 1990s, weather balloons were released twice-daily from the Bureau of Meteorology office, at Forrest, known as the Met Office...

A guiding light

The original airport beacon for the Forrest Airport, was removed when new light towers were installed. The Forrest Airport is now a fully automated airport and has Pilot-Controlled Lighting, so the...

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