Duplex windmill

A windmill that waves at you

This is a sectional windmill, in which the blades move in and out, flapping like wings. There is no vane on this windmill design, because it uses an offset balance weight. This means that the mill is designed to be set at a particular speed, and if it exceeds that speed, it shuts down due to the blades becoming vertical and no longer catching the wind. This windmill is extremely rare and is a copy of a Halliday mill from the 1840s.

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The Windmills Shed

A farmer's love of windmills

A collection not to be missed! The extremely rare Steel Wings windmill at the entrance to Wimera Farm signal that this is a special visitor experience. The windmill collection, developed by local...


Wimera Farm
66 Dalwallinu Kalannie Road
Dalwallinu WA 6609

Open Hours
Contact Jim Sawyer on the number provided.

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