Jinajina - Dingo Flour Bag Dress

Flour bag dress

Made from the famous Dingo brand flour bags of Fremantle, this dress was created by Yindjibarndi elder Cherry Cheedy in 1981 on her old sewing machine when she was living at ‘top camp’ housing village in Roebourne. Cherry had wanted her daughters to know about her life on Tambrey Station where she had worked as a domestic for most of her life. He daughter Lyn explains that ‘they were only given one dress per year’. Now carefully conserved, the flour bag dress is a reminder of the hard times of the station days and is a treasured item of the Juluwarlu archive.

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Ganalili Centre and Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation

Ganalili - A Place of New Beginnings

Ganalili is the Yindjibarndi word for the light in the morning before the rising of the sun. Living up to its name of new beginnings, the centre is set in Roebourne’s old Victoria Hotel, a site of...


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