Kimberley points and axes

Ancient technologies adapt to new materials

Kimberley points are like a signature from the people of the coastal ranges of the Kimberley. Unique to this area, they are functionally beautiful objects created by skilled artisans for use as knives and spear tips. The age-old techniques of pressure flaking has been applied to new materials such as glass and metal that were introduced by the colonists. Many of these knives and blades are part of the Vic Cox collection. These were picked up by Vic as he worked along the coast, and they have been respectfully repatriated to the Mowanjum community. Culturally speaking, repatriation is about the return of cultural items and ancestral remains to their home Country, so that the people of the country can care for them.

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Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre

Waking up the spirit

Waking up the spirit of the Country through songs, dance, art and story, by sharing and teaching young people, is what the Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre does to keep their culture alive...


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