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Enjoy the attention to detail in this tiny replica of the Jarrahdale post office and residence as it was in the late 1930s and early 1940s? The model showcases the post office when it was owned by the Glover family. Bridget Glover was Postmistress here for many years, and lived here with her three sons. So lifelike is the model, you can almost picture the Postmistress and her sons inhabiting the rooms as they went about daily life.

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Jarrahdale Heritage Society

Communications hub for milling township

Jarrahdale Heritage Society is housed within the post and telegraph office that served Jarrahdale from 1896 to 1972. The museum provides a peek into life here in the early days, taking visitors back...


Old Post Office
631 Jarrahdale Rd
Jarrahdale WA 6124

Open Hours
March to December Sat 10am - 2pm; Sun and public holidays 10am - 4pm

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