Project Eden

Bilbies are among those creatures brought back from the brink of extinction thanks to one of the Western Australian Government’s most ambitious nature conservation projects - Project Eden. As part of the project, nature conservationists removed stock from a former pastoral property, fenced off Shark Bay’s entire Peron Peninsula, and sought to eradicate the foxes and cats which had decimated local wildlife here. They then bred several species of native animals at the site, in the hope of reintroducing them to their former homes. Of those bred, bilbies and malleefowl successfully reestablished amid the arid sands of this remote and strikingly beautiful stretch of coastline.

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Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery and Visitor Centre

A rich and fascination cultural and natural heritage revealed

Few places in Australia could boast the rich and fascinating cultural and natural heritage of Shark Bay. This stunningly beautiful and remote peninsula boasts more than 30,000 years of Indigenous...


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