Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery and Visitor Centre

A rich and fascination cultural and natural heritage revealed

Few places in Australia could boast the rich and fascinating cultural and natural heritage of Shark Bay. This stunningly beautiful and remote peninsula boasts more than 30,000 years of Indigenous history, was an important site in early French, Dutch and British exploration and is now classified as a World Heritage Area in recognition of its natural wonders. Such history is revealed at the Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery and Visitor Centre. This modern museum and interpretive centre takes visitors on a journey of discovery, with interactive displays, striking photography and remarkable historical artefacts.


53 Knight Tce
Denham WA 6537

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri 9am - 4.30pm; weekend hours vary seasonally
Tiny shells make solid houses

The still and hypersaline waters of Shark Bay’s Shell Beach provide just the right environment for these tiny white shells from the fragum cockle to thrive. Trillions of these tiny shells line the...

Fashionistas’ finery

Such finery was the attire of choice for fashionistas of the 16th and early 17 centuries. Men, women and children donned ‘ruffs’ such as this one upon their necks - the thickness and detail of the...

Project Eden

Bilbies are among those creatures brought back from the brink of extinction thanks to one of the Western Australian Government’s most ambitious nature conservation projects - Project Eden. As part of...

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