Eucla Museum

A museum on the Great Australian Bight

Eucla is nestled right up against the South Australian border, near the Great Australian Bight. The Eucla location was chosen for a telegraph station which opened in 1877. However, in the 1970s, Eucla was made infamous after reports of the ‘Nullarbor nymph’, which was a very tall tale made up by a local to increase visitor numbers to Eucla. The Museum’s small collection includes an original printing press, items from the telegraph station and telephone exchange.


The Eucla Motel
Eucla-Reid Road
Eucla WA 6443

Opening Hours
Contact the Eucla Motel for details.
The Eucla Recorder

A small printing press for a small town: The Excelsior press produced printed sheets slightly larger than A4 size. It is a hand operated press manufactured by Kelsey & Co, USA. The press was used to...


The telegraph station in Eucla opened on 8 December 1877 and closed in 1927. Morse Code via telegraph was a means of sending information and news around the world using signals. After the telegraph...

How cheap are those prices?

Imagine a time when this was intrepid travelling. At those prices it must have been when the Nullarbor was sealed in 1976, and few people owned four-wheel drives.

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While you're in the area

Old Eucla Telegraph Station
Old Eucla Telegraph Station
Be sure to check out the ghostly remains of the Old Telegraph Station in...
Eucla Telegraph Station, Eucla, WA 6443