Kulin Branch - Wildflower Society of WA

A flora herbarium created by local wildflower enthusiasts.

Discover the unique Kulin wattle, Acacia kulinensis and the intriguing Black Toothbrush and Grevillea hookeriana amongst files of over 2000 wheatbelt flora species, which have been pressed and catalogued by local collectors. 


25 Johnston Street
Kulin WA 6365

Opening Hours

Open by appointment. Call ot text the contact number provided.

Little pink fairy orchid

This orchid was one of the first specimens catalogued by Swan River colonists. It grows in the south-west of WA from Koorda to Mr Barren.

Star-leaf Grevillea

The star-leaf Grevillea has bright red flowers on huge shrubs with meshed branches and sharp hooked leaves. It prefers gravel and granite from Quairading to Lake Grace.

Glazed mallee

The sand mallet grows throughout sandy and arid regions of Western Australia. These shiny tan mallees have pendulous lime-yellow lantern flower heads. They are widespread in the Wheatbelt from...

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