Merredin Museum and Historical Society Incorporated

A railway museum inside an old railway station building.

Stand on the railway platform which once welcomed steam and diesel passenger trains. Imagine a time when rail travel was the cheapest and easiest way to travel. Be immersed in the fascinating history of the railway in Western Australia in the old Merredin Main Station Room and Refreshment room. The main railway building was used by the Station Masters and passengers awaiting travel. The collection includes items from the steam train era, through to more recent items from Westrail, the name of the WA Government Railways from 1975 to 2000. You can also browse the local history section of photographs and books from the Railway Institute of Merredin. Be sure to climb the steps of the tower to explore the original rail levers and enjoy the view over Merredin.


Great Eastern Highway
Merredin WA 6415

Opening Hours

Mon to Sun 11am - 2pm, except some public holidays

Evaporative cooled water

The best way to keep your water cool, was in a canvas water bag. The water-soaked canvas created evaporative cooling as air rushed across the surface. Items like this Westrail water bag were hung in...

Warmth on a long journey

The West Australian Government Railways wool blanket was used on early steam trains, such as the Kalgoorlie Express, for passenger comfort. The Kalgoorlie Express opened in 1887 and operated for 51...

Railway circuit board

This control panel was first installed in the District Traffic Superintendent's building on Barrack Street in Merredin in 1967. In 1987 the incandescent lights were changed to LED (light emitting...

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