Mangowine Homestead

A glimpse of early pioneering life at this remote Wheatbelt outpost

The stunning landscape surrounding Mangowine is a powerful reminder of people's relationship with the environment. The place represents a story of resilience and tenacity. In the 1870s, Charles and Jane Adams built the homestead from locally sourced mud, rushes, rocks and timber. Charles then spent his days tending to the 16,000-acre property, while Jane maintained the house, vegetable garden and homestead livestock, and looked after 12 children. The Adams eventually expanded the homestead to include an inn and lodgings, which served well during the 1880s gold rush. Jane was widowed at the age of 46, but being a strong and remarkable woman, she managed the property, cropping wheat and growing wool, while raising her children. For almost 50 years Jane recorded the daily rainfall at Mangowine for the Meteorological Office and had a fortnightly mail run which brought additional income to help support her family. If you would like to take in the full beauty of the homestead and surrounds, there is camping available onsite. The Mangowine Homestead is located 16.4kms north of Nungarin and is well worth the drive.


737 Karomin Road
Nungarin WA 6490

Opening Hours

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 1pm - 4pm; Sat, Sun and Public Holidays 10am - 4pm; Closed Wed and Good Friday

The heart of Mangowine

Jane Swain Adams could best be described as determined and resolute. After her husband Charles died at the age of 49, Jane singlehandedly continued to care for nine children and run Mangowine...

Cooler for meat

Prior to refrigeration, meat was kept cool and insect free, using meat safes. They were typically hung in shaded areas, like porches or under eaves. Sometimes a wet cloth was draped around the outside...

Full house

This double iron frame bed is original to Mangowine Homestead. There are also two single iron frame beds in the collection. During the 1800s and early 1900s, many people would have shared bedrooms and...

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