Kimberley Language Resource Centre

Keeping language strong in the Kimberley

The Kimberley Language Resource Centre (KLRC) is the peak regional languages organisation of the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Incorporated in 1985 as an independent, Aboriginal corporation it was the first organisation of its kind in the country. The KLRC supports Kimberley Aboriginal people to continue using their unique languages. It provides skills workshops and project advice for language groups across the region, representing at least 44 known languages, about 30 of which are still spoken to a greater or lesser extent. It manages an archive of significant content which it is working to make accessible and usable to Kimberley language groups. The organisation is based in Halls Creek, operating out of a custom-built building which includes rammed earth walls to mirror the surrounding landscape.


12 Terone Street
Halls Creek WA 6770

Opening Hours
Open by calling (08) 9168 6005
Remembering Moola Bulla

The photo was taken circa 1998 of Aboriginal people, and their descendants, who were taken to, or raised on the Moola Bulla Cattle Station. Moola Bulla was established in response to cattle rustling...

Keeping language strong

The KLRC has delivered programs and services and worked with language groups in regional and remote communities across the Kimberley region. These groups include Jaru, Kija, Kwini, Walmajarri...

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Keeping language strong

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