Marble Bar Museum and Visitors Centre

Warm and welcome

So says the sign as you enter Marble Bar — one of the early gold mining towns in the northwest, named by a prospector who mistakenly thought the seam of jasper quartz around the nearby pool was marble. It is now famed as the hottest town in Australia. The Marble Bar Museum and Visitors Centre is situated in one of the town’s oldest federation stone buildings with an eclectic collection that patches together the history and character of the town through artefacts from mining, sheep farming, the annual races and local businesses. Full of charm, and doubling as an op shop that brings town folk and visitors together, all are welcomed with a cup of tea as they browse and absorb this unique history.


Lot 190 McLeod Cl
Marble Bar WA 6760

Opening Hours
Thurs to Sun 8am - 2pm
Keeping cool

With temperatures reaching over 50 degrees in the shade, the people of Marble Bar were always looking for ways to keep cool. In the days before electricity, people built rooms with spinifex walls...

Keeping it sweet

Most northern country towns had their own cordial factories and ice works, but in Marble Bar it was an essential business to counter the heat. This cool green, glass bottle of Cooper & Branton is a...

Connecting women through the CWA

In July 1935, 17 women had gathered at the house of Mrs Claude Martin to form the Marble Bar Country Women's Association (CWA) branch to provide a town-based haven for the women who were 'doing it...

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