Greenough Museum and Gardens

Historical homestead and gardens

The 19th-century homestead of Greenough’s notable Maley family stands amid sprawling cottage gardens and is today the Greenough Museum and Gardens. The museum showcases life in the early days of the district with a thoughtfully curated collection featuring historic artefacts set alongside more modern-day items to result in a refreshing mix. The collection is designed to not only inform and delight, but also to make you think. It caters to visitors of all ages, with special hidey holes and interactive nooks and crannies for children, thought-provoking questions and rambling gardens. Roam around the sprawling cottage gardens surrounding Greenough Museum and Gardens and it’s easy to imagine it being a sanctuary for the Maley family who lived here from 1861. The 14 children would have raced through its scented gardens, perhaps picking fruit from the mulberry, fig or orange trees. Their mother Elizabeth took great pride in her garden, tending fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and roses. She spent many an hour at work in the garden, and perhaps also sought out moments of cool respite in the shade of the gnarled branches of what is now an 800-year-old-river gum.


11 Phillips Rd
Greenough WA 6532

Opening Hours

Tue to Sun 8.30am to 3pm

Flood captured in art

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Home-made children’s toy

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