Eyre Bird Observatory Museum

A cosy natural history museum and bird observatory on the Great Australian Bight.

Visit a museum and bird observatory in one of the most isolated places in the world. Unwind, relax and take in the natural beauty and the natural history collection. The one-room museum includes skeletons of sea creatures and bird life, and items from the weather observatory and original telegraph station. The location is named after explorer Edward John Eyre, who surveyed the area in 1841. A number of the early buildings at the Eyre Bird Observatory, now covered in drifting sand, were erected for the Inter-Colonial Telegraph Line. The Eyre Telegraph Station started operations on 17 July 1877. Access to the Eyre Bird Observatory is by high clearance four-wheel drive. Contact the Observatory to book accommodation, or register as a day visitor.


PMB 32 Cocklebiddy via Norseman
Cocklebiddy WA 6443

Opening Hours
Mon to Sun 9am - 4pm. It is essential to contact the Observatory before your visit.

This skeleton is of a Shearwater, of the Petrel family. Petrels are some of the most abundant marine birds in Australia. Australian Petrels are also commonly called mutton-birds, due to early settler...

Quite a hairstyle

You can't tell from the skull, but this bird has one of the best ‘hairstyles’ of the bird world: a bright red and yellow crest. Major Mitchell’s cockatoos (Lophochroa leadbeateri) frequent the...

Mythical sea dragon

The leafy seadragon (Phycodurus eques) is native to the southern and western coasts of Australia. It is related to the seahorse and pipefish. Leafy sea dragons are often washed ashore during storms.

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via Eyre Highway, Cocklebiddy, WA 6443
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Eyre Bird Observatory
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Eyre Bird Observatory, PMB 32, Cocklebiddy via Norseman, Cocklebiddy, WA 6443