Comet Gold Mine and Tourist Centre

Plenty of gold still here

Gold fever hit Marble Bar in the 1890s but the rocky hills and alluvial creeks hold much more that gold. Situated 9 kilometres from Marble Bar, adjacent to the old Comet gold mine, this gem of a museum has a diverse collection of gemstones, rocks and minerals that can be found in the region. Gold, quartz, jasper, tin, copper, rare earth metals and Pilbara jade are displayed amongst a rich collection of historical paraphernalia and machinery associated with the mining and pastoral life of the area. Founded in 1936, the Comet Mine was named by Tommy Starr, a fulltime prospector who found the original gold seam at the top of the mountain. He named it because he considered his lucky strike was as rare as seeing Halley’s comet. The mine, with its landmark 75 metre-high chimney stack, has morphed over the years to mine tin and tantalite, and gold tailings during the 1970s, when it doubled as a major Pilbara tourist attraction, with tours down the shaft. The mine is now closed, but the lease is owned by nearby Haomi Mines, which continues to be productive as Marble Bar heads towards a new mining boom.


Hillside Road
Marble Bar WA 6760

Opening Hours

7 days 9am - 4pm

Rare jade

This is a surprise find in the museum - a small sculpture depicting Halley’s Comet carved from Pilbara jade, a prized rock that is transparent if carved thinly enough. Jade is only found in a few...

Milling and mining

This tin yandy is shaped in the traditional form of a coolamon dish that is shaken in a rhythmic motion to separate grass seeds from their husks for damper making. Adapted, it was used by Aboriginal...

Gold digger

This pretty nugget would have been a lucky find, and shows how gold and quartz (famed in the Marble Bar area) can be found together. In 1995 ‘George’, a keen prospector, found one of the largest...

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