Toyotas and fishing by Mervyn Street

An amazing tale of the river

The story of how an eagle picked up a camera belonging to one of the Gooniyandi rangers’ and flew 90 kms up the Margaret River, taking ‘selfies’ on the way, went viral. Inspired, highly regarded Gooniyandi artist and current chair of Mangkaja, Mervyn Street created an animation of the story, called Wilimirimiri, the eagle. The animation features stunning hand-painted artwork of cultural sites along the river, original music, and the story is narrated and sung by Mervyn in Gooniyandi language. This drawing is of a Toyota packed with people heading for a popular fishing place on the Margaret River where the camera was found by a tourist. Watch “WILIMIRIMIRI” on Vimeo:

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Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency

‘We do art and tell the story.’

Bringing desert and river artists together, Mangkaja has been the base for people such as Butcher Cherrel, Daisy Andrews, Tommy May, Mervyn Street, Sonia Kurrarra, Cory Surprise, John Prince Siddon...


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