Murujuga - Nganjarli walk trail

Hip-bone-sticking-out: Welcome to Murujuga

Nganjarli (Deep Gorge) trail is the first public walk to welcome visitors to the people, culture and rock art of the Murujuga National Park, which is proposed as a world heritage site. Opened in 2021 the park is co-managed by the rangers of Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation and Parks and Wildlife Services. In stark contrast to the fertiliser plant across the road, the trail invites visitors to temporarily turn their back on the heavy industrialisation of the present, and to reimagine a time when the Ngarluma, Yaburrara, Wong-Goo-Tt-Oo, Mardudhunera and Yindjibarndi roamed this country, engraving their stories onto these ancient rocks over thousands of years. Although the trail is self-guided, the Murujuga rangers also offer guided tours in which the mysteries of the rock art are revealed as they translate the stories of stone. Stories of extinct kangaroos and Tasmanian tigers, and the first maritime visitors supplement the detailed knowledge of their living culture, as the highlights of the trail are given deeper meaning and spiritual interpretation by the rangers. This is their ‘office’ and they are proud of their work in caring for their country.


Hearson Cove Road
Murujuga National Park (The Burrup)
Dampier WA 6713

Opening Hours

7 days

Look more closely

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