Warmun Art Centre

Ochre and rust

Ochres of black, red and mustard yellow, mixed with greys and whites are the hallmarks of the very distinctive style of the Warmun community artists. One of the early engine rooms for the contemporary Aboriginal art movement, Warmun Art Centre was founded by leading Gija artists such as Rover Thomas, Queenie McKenzie and Jack Britton. Rounded hills of the surrounding country dominate the landscape and their artworks. As you enter the community to arrive at the art centre, paintings feature on every available sign and building, announcing the importance of art in this community. In their wisdom, the Gija artists have preserved one of Australia’s most significant community collections for their families, featuring the works of their founding elders, now passed. An exhibition space in the centre of the gallery displays the artefacts of Gija culture, with recordings by the elders about their history, culture and art. The Centre has artist workshops and studios, and runs programs with children and young artists, the results of which are featured in their showroom.


Warmun Aboriginal Community
Great Northern Highway
Warmun WA 6743

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The bungles by Queenie

Queenie calmly states "My name bin grow up from these hills" and her paintings reflect her close affinity with her beloved country of Purnululu and Texas Downs station. Painted on a wooden board in...

The Bungles by Jack Britton

The tell-tale round hills of Gawarre (also known as the Bungles), in the Purnululu National Park feature in this early painting by Jack Britton, now recognised as one of the most significant artists...

An early Rover Thomas

Joowooroo – Well 33 - Gunawag. Goorirr Goorirr Joon, hill country. Rover was committed to maintaining culture for the Gija people and their communities. Dreamt and created by Rover, the Goorirr...

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