Ngowanjerindj - Gnowangerup Aboriginal Corporation Cultural Heritage Centre

A place where the local history of Noongar people in Gnowangerup is shared and looked after.

Ngowanjerindji is the local Noongar word for Gnowangerup, home of the mallee fowl. The Gnowangerup Aboriginal Corporation and Cultural Heritage Centre shares stories of local Noongar heritage, culture and community. The front garden has photographs and histories of people living in the district, including Noongars living on the Gnowangerup Mission. The centre is located in a State Heritage listed building, built in 1913 as a home for Baptist pastor Reverend Edward Clugston.


Lot 109 Alymore Street
Gnowangerup WA 6335

Opening Hours
Open by request. Contact Gnowangerup Aboriginal Corporation.
Private Ryan Edward Smith

Many Aboriginal people served in World War I and II. This was also a time before Aboriginal people were counted in the census. Aboriginal men fought for freedoms which they were not afforded at home...

Winning by one point

In 1996, the Gnowangerup Bulldogs AFL team, with a large cohort of Aboriginal players, won the grand final by one point. This was a significant win for the team, as some of this cohort had...


Noongar people have used ochre for corroborees and ceremonial celebrations for centuries. This ochre is from the local ochre pit, which serviced people in the Gnowangerup, Stirling Ranges and...

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