Ongerup & Needilup District Museum

A wildflower collection, shearing and settler history and Noongar cultural display, all in one location.

A unique display of Noongar foods and medicines, a natural history display and home of the Ongerup Shears. The Ongerup & Needilup District Museum includes a botanical collection, farming, shearing and early settlement items. The collection is lovingly maintained by a group of volunteers who also host the Ongerup Wildflower Show in September.


Elderidge Street
Ongerup WA 6336

Opening Hours

Open by request. Contact Vicki O’Neill on the number provided.

Coonatt and Quonert

Coonatt (wattle seed) is an important food source for Noongar people, high in protein and fibre. It can be ground into flour and made into paste. Ground wattle seed is called quonert. The items on the...

Mobile music

Minister, Rev. Neville Threlfall of the Methodist Church – Gnowangerup Circuit, travelled the wider region with this portable peddle organ on the back of a motorbike. He visited areas around Needilup...

Ongerup Shears

Ongerup hosted a shearing competition between 1983 and 2003. It attracted shearers from around Australia and internationally. Shearing competitions include individual and team blade shearing and wool...

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