Power Up Electricity Museum Manjimup Heritage Park

Th Power Up Electricity Museum delivers an immersive learning experience that the whole family can enjoy. Exploring the development and impact of electricity in Western Australia, you'll discover stimulating displays and people-powered activities that spark everyone's curiosity. From the first light bulb to the future of solar energy, you'll be switched on at Power Up. In a building shared by the Manjimup Visitor Centre and Park Café, it's the perfect place to stop, discover something new and begin your Southern Forests adventure. The Museum is the new re-imagined home of the former World of Energy collection and features some of Western Australia's first generating sets, examples of early electric vehicles and a range of early electrical domestic appliances.




151 Giblett Street
Manjimup WA 6258

Opening Hours

Mon to Sat 9am - 4pm; Sun and public holidays 9am - 3pm

This Bellis and Morcom “V “ Type steam engine and generating set came to Western Australia from Scotland in 1955. It was bought by West Australian State Sawmills and installed in the State Saw Mill No...

This huge piece of machinery is a Willans and Robinson Turbo Alternator which was installed in the East Perth Power Station in 1916 and which operated until 1967. This is the only remaining alternator...

This gauge was installed in the East Perth Power Station in the 1930s to measure the pressure in the boiler. The needle on the gauge had to stay in the centre so the steam powered turbo alternators...

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