Wellstead Museum

The history of the Wellstead family as farmers on the South Coast stretches back over 180 years. The family history is entwined within the vast collection amassed by descendent Max Wellstead, born in 1936, who opened this museum at the old family farm in 2003. Historic farming tools and machinery tell of a time when physical strength and perseverance were essential ingredients in farming and self-sufficiency.


440 Wellstead Road
Bremer Bay WA 6338

Opening Hours

Open by calling 0427 582 522 or 0409 374 312

Shudder, shudder … this motorbike traversed many corrugated roads as it took Max Wellstead to dances in the 1950s. As Max remembers: “You’d dress here, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, after feeding the...

“I can see her!” The arrival of the Agnes at the settlement of Bremer Bay was a very important event. This wooden hulled schooner brought supplies, news and passengers to tiny settlements along the...

Beep beep! This colourful Tuck Tuck has never had to navigate the crowded noisy streets of Bangkok, but it brings a smile to the face of every visitor. Acquired in ‘kit’ form as part of a purchase of...

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