Skylab piece

World’s first working laboratory in space

Skylab was the world’s first working laboratory in space. But it got off to a rocky start. The unmanned rocket Saturn V launched the lab in 1973 but it was damaged shortly after launch, threatening its entire mission. However a fix-it crew launched within weeks and, they conducted an in-space-repair, enabling it to be used in three manned missions.

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Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum

Carnarvon's role in the race to land humans on the moon

Carnarvon may not be the most likely place you’d expect to encounter world-changing space technology but it once played a key role in the global race to land man on the moon. The Carnarvon Space and...


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OTC dish played key role in moon landing

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Collecting data on astronaut wellbeing

Because spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral in the USA passed close to remote Carnarvon on their first orbits around the Earth, the area was the ideal location to collect data on the crew’s...

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