Find your own Wanderland

Find your own WAnderland

Wherever you choose to wander out yonder, make sure to uncover the full story of the region with a culture stop brought to you by the Western Australian Museum.

So, go on. Step right in.
WAnderland is waiting.

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Wanderland Highlights

Internationally recognised artist
Golden Outback
City of Kalgoorlie - Boulder Art Collection
Wildflower tourism emerges
Coral Coast
Irwin Districts Historical Society and Russ Cottage
Flour bag dress
North West
Ganalili Centre and Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation
Valued skills
North West
Shire of Derby / West Kimberley Library - local studies collection
Nungarin AWAS
Golden Outback
Nungarin Heritage Machinery and Army Museum
Shining boabs
North West
Waringarri Aboriginal Arts
Mini sized
Golden Outback
Laverton Outback Gallery
Coolgardie Cool
Golden Outback
Warden Finnerty’s Residence
South West
Augusta Historical Museum
South West
Albany's Historic Whaling Station
South West
Yongernow Australian Malleefowl Centre
Flood captured in art
Coral Coast
Greenough Museum and Gardens