Gravity Discovery Centre

Geek out on science and Aboriginal culture

Take a walk through science and Aboriginal culture. The Gravity Discovery Centre is an adventure through various areas of science, such as astrophysics, astronomy, cosmology and biodiversity. The Centre makes science accessible, using interactive displays to engage visitors of all ages. There are five main attractions: Learning Tower, Cosmology Gallery, Solar System Walk, Biodiversity Gallery and the Observatory. The centre offers night time viewing activities, but book well in advance, especially if you want the special Aboriginal Astronomy Night session.


1098 Military Road
Yeal WA 6503

Opening Hours

Tues to Thurs & Sun 10am - 4pm; 10am through to the start of the night time Observatory session Fri, Sat and Sun

Make waves

This giant slinky is used to explain how waves work. The slinky can make longitudinal waves which are like sound waves that go through objects, or transverse waves, which are the same shape as light...

A gift to dad

This Orrery Solar System Model holds a special place at the Gravity Discovery Centre. Gifted to the centre, the Head Astronomer worked with his father to build it. The orrery is located in the...

Air levitation

The Bernouli Ball demonstrates levitation in an air column. Airflow is used to counter the force of gravity. The same experiment can be conducted using a straw, ping pong ball and your own breath.

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