Mingenew Historical Society

Farming history brought to life

Mingnew’s original government school, built in 1894, is today home to the extensive collection of the Mingenew Museum. Meander through the former classrooms to witness artefacts dating back to the 1850s. You’ll also find two machinery sheds housing heritage farming machinery. Be sure to set out on the new Mingenew Historical Walk trail, which takes you to historic buildings and sites and opens your eyes to the stories that once played out there.


Cnr Victoria Rd and King St
Mingenew WA 6522

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Open by calling 0428 726 056 or 9928 1102
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As you make a call on your mobile phone today without so much as a thought for its technological marvels, consider the excitement for the people of yesteryear when they first experienced the miracle...

Revolutionising the kitchen

When it came to fandangled new kitchen appliances, mix masters were the cooks’ choice in the 1940s and 1950s. These early appliances revolutionised cooking and wowed women used to hand beating their...

Commanding officer’s custom-made boots

Western Australia’s General Commanding Officer of the Western Command Sir James Harrison strode the streets of London in these boots after having them made for himself in the 1950s. He’d just endured...

More Coral Coast collections

Museum and herbarium

In the mid-1980s residents from the sparsely populated Murchison Shire banded together to build the rammed earth Murchison Museum. Step inside the museum to discover artefacts revealing everyday life...

Rail history brought to life

Stand on the platform of the former Walkaway Station, close your eyes and you can almost picture a train and hear the bustle of residents as they awaited passenger transport, the delivery of fresh...

A rollicking shipwreck and community past

This delightful collection of artefacts tells the story of Cervantes’ rich shipwreck history, its fishing past and the community that rolled up their sleeves and shaped their coastal township through...

Take a stroll through Carnamah History

A stroll through the Carnamah Historical Society's museum is like a journey through the region’s past. You’ll find an extensive collection of old machinery and tools in the Museum’s yard and sheds...

While you're in the area

Enanty Barn
Enanty Barn
Enanty Barn is the oldest historical building in the area. It was built in...
Mingenew-Morawa Road, Mingenew, WA 6522
Breakaway Camp at Coalseam Conservation Park
Breakaway Camp at Coalseam Conservation Park
Breakaway Camp is an overflow campground located within an old gravel pit...
Coalseam National Park, Wongoondy, WA 6630
Mingenew Hill
Mingenew Hill
Right in town, Mingenew Hill is the ideal place for holidaymakers to have...
Mingenew, WA 6522
Yandanooka Hall
Yandanooka Hall
Yandanooka is a small town in Mid-West Western Australia, located 21...
Yandanooka North-East Road, Yandanooka, WA 6522