Kiku 16 Mod II Japan 1956

A camera small enough to hold in your hand.

Feel like a spy with a fully operational subminiature camera. These cameras were produced from the 1930s onwards, as cheap alternatives to the bulky 35mm SLR camera. A standard SLR camera takes 35mm film, whilst the Kiku takes 16mm film.

Available at:

The Big Camera - Museum of Photography

Walk through the lense of the Big Camera, into a world of cameras.

Walk through the lens of the Big Camera to be transfixed by wall-to-wall cameras! This is believed to be the largest working camera display in the Southern hemisphere. It is a place to learn about the...


Great Eastern Highway
Meckering WA 6405

Open Hours

Fri to Tuesday 9am - 5pm

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Camera in a can

These cameras were produced in the early 1990s as novelty items. They are fully functioning 35mm film cameras. Just don't mistake them for a cold drink!

A gold plated camera with crocodile skin

This camera is a copy of the original Leica Gold, or Luxus II which was 24-carat gold-plated and covered in real crocodile skin. Only a small number of the original special edition cameras were...

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