Bruce Rock Museum and Machinery Museum

From a cabinet of curiosity to a museum.

The old bank has been given a new lease on life, with the Bruce Rock Museum located within its walls. Some of the rooms have been refurbished with items from the early to mid 1900s to tell the history of the bank manager's premises. The museum site contains a rebuilt cottage with the traditional hessian and lime rendered interior walls, a saddlery and workshop, and school. The Bruce Rock Machinery Museum is located directly across the road from the Museum.


24 Johnson Street
Bruce Rock WA 6418

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri 10am 12pm & 2pm - 4pm, March to December.

Get lily white washing

This washing machine would have been filled and emptied twice per load. Once to wash, and once to rinse. Without this washing machine, the clothes would have been washed by hand, using a washboard.The...

Little armoured one

In a 'cabinet of curiosity', there is an armadillo basket from Rhodesia. The item was purchased by Mrs Butler who started a private collection, which eventually formed part of the Bruce Rock Museum...

Not your ordinary cash box

The luxury of a silver cashier portrays the opulence of the era. When money was flush and the Wheatbelt was thriving. The National Cash Register was made in America circa 1905. Harry Hyam originally...

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Bruce Rock Museum and Machinery Museum
Bruce Rock Museum and Machinery Museum
The old bank has been given a new lease on life, with the Bruce Rock...
24 Johnston Street, Bruce Rock, WA 6418
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