Dalwallinu Discovery Centre

A gateway to the Wildflower Way

The Dalwallinu Discovery Centre is the place to find out all the local tips on where to visit. It is busy during the wildflower season, as people pass through to enjoy the local flora, especially the rare ‘wreath flower’ (Lechenaultia macrantha). You can also find out about local farming history and environmental issues. This is also a region where mallee fowl live, and you can learn about the conservation efforts of the North Central Mallee Fowl Preservation Group to save these vulnerable birds. There are links to the work of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s conservation activities at Mt. Gibson, in the Shire of Dalwallinu.


51 Johnston Street
Dalwallinu WA 6609

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri 8am - 4:30pm and weekends during wildflower season
Beauty in everyday items

This gypsum crystal is small in comparison to the ‘crystals of Kalannie’ on display at the Centre. Gypsum is used in everyday products such as toothpaste and shampoo. The Shire of Dalwallinu has large...

Living off the sheep's back

This ball of wool was spun by a local. It is so perfectly spun it looks like it was made by a machine.From the early days of sheep farming, people would have spun their own wool and knitted or...

Dally shears

Many sheep farming communities have their own shearing competition. Dalwallinu, affectionately known as Dally, is no different. If you travel around the wheatbelt, you may notice the distinctive local...

More Golden Outback collections

A town full of museums!

The best way to see this collection is by a guided walk around Narembeen. The collection sits over four sites, all within walking distance of the Narembeen Road District Board building, the main...

A flora herbarium created by local wildflower enthusiasts.

Discover the unique Kulin wattle, Acacia kulinensis and the intriguing Black Toothbrush and Grevillea hookeriana amongst files of over 2000 wheatbelt flora species, which have been pressed and...

A family collection which turned in to a museum

This quirky museum includes several very realistic mannequins, including the friendly bartender from the old Edna May Hotel Bar! The collection was acquired as a donation from the Hood-Penn family...

A country police station

The first Laverton police station is described by the guide as ‘tents, tin and fibro,’ with the prisoners brutally chained to logs. In 1899 the original jail was moved from the close-by settlement of...

While you're in the area

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Heritage Wheatbin Museum
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