Beverley to Perth Road Race programmes

116 mile road race

Programmes from one of the toughest cycle races in Australia. The Beverley to Perth cycle race was held between 1897 and 1999, except for 1900, 1902, and during World War I. The race was tough, due to the length, hill climbs and dirt roads. Cyclists, many who came from eastern states, had to contend with climbs in the Perth hills called ‘the Gidgies’, ‘Wooroloo’ and ‘Nine Mile’. A few times the race direction was reversed and finished in Beverley.

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Dead Finish Museum

Beers and bodies: a former pub and morgue now houses a museum

You can almost smell the beer flowing, and the conversation of sandalwood cutters and haulers in this museum, which is named after the old hotel in which it is housed. The hotel was affectionately...


Corner of Morrison Street and Great Southern Highway
Beverley WA 6304

Open Hours

Sun 11am - 3pm, March to November or by arrangement with the committee. Contact Joy 0427 411 881 or Delys (08) 9646 1075.

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Keep quiet, turn out the lights and take down the signs

This sign for the Beverley township was removed during World War II, as many such signs were removed in Australia. It was believed that navigation would be more difficult for potential invaders...

Keeping court at golf

Imagine having your own private golf course - well the Broun family did! This jug was used for water or whiskey at the 'Durbar' annual golfing event in Beverley. The event was held before 1914, during...

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