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The telegraph station in Eucla opened on 8 December 1877 and closed in 1927. Morse Code via telegraph was a means of sending information and news around the world using signals. After the telegraph line and station, the telephone line and exchange came to Eucla, which you see here.

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Eucla Museum

A museum on the Great Australian Bight

Eucla is nestled right up against the South Australian border, near the Great Australian Bight. The Eucla location was chosen for a telegraph station which opened in 1877. However, in the 1970s, Eucla...


The Eucla Motel
Eucla-Reid Road
Eucla WA 6443

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How cheap are those prices?

Imagine a time when this was intrepid travelling. At those prices it must have been when the Nullarbor was sealed in 1976, and few people owned four-wheel drives.

The Eucla Recorder

A small printing press for a small town: The Excelsior press produced printed sheets slightly larger than A4 size. It is a hand operated press manufactured by Kelsey & Co, USA. The press was used to...

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Old Eucla Telegraph Station
Old Eucla Telegraph Station
Be sure to check out the ghostly remains of the Old Telegraph Station in...
Eucla Telegraph Station, Eucla, WA 6443