Goomalling School Museum

Remember the days of the old school yard

You can't miss this museum: look out for the vintage school bus next to the old Headmaster’s house. Inside, the museum feels like someone just upped and left the house, without packing up, and just closed the door behind them. There are items from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, including a fabulous original ice chest in the kitchen which matches the cabinets. If you're a fan of the décor, with a full set of kitchen utensils and items, you could probably move right in! Discover more Goomalling history through the machinery shed and the old Konnongorring School building. Look back at the old school days with items from Goomalling and Konnongorring schools. The site is also on the official register of Australasian School Museums. The headmaster’s house contains local history books and photographs of residents, including photos of Goomalling Road Board members. The original Road Board table and chairs are also part of the collection.


22 Throssell Street
Goomalling WA 6460

Opening Hours

Open by appointment. Contact one of the Historical Society volunteers listed on the webpage

Old school

This old iMac laptop was donated to the collection by a schoolteacher. It was used by a teacher at the school for writing and word processing. Items like this are slowly making their way into...

Abattoir tool

This is a branding marker, which was used to mark the skin of animals after slaughter. It has a roller mechanism used to puncture the carcass and infuse it with ink. The tool was used at a local...

A day out

Picnics were considered an important social outing. It was an occasion to dress up and enjoy company and the great outdoors. This picnic set from Botherling Homestead might even have been used at the...

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