Original town hearse

Homemade hearse

The town hearse was built in the 1920s in Meekatharra at Campbell’s Carving. The hearse was initially horse -drawn and was used in Meekatharra up until the 1970s. When there was a funeral in town, many people came out into the street for the procession.

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Meekatharra Museum

Meeka Museum!

This intimate collection offers a stop-off to enjoy a slice of history in Meekatharra. The collection includes a local archive, well-resourced for family history research, and photographs and...


81 Main St
Meekatharra WA 6642

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Mon to Fri 8am - 4:30pm

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Cycle champion gets number one plate

This MK.1 number plate was issued to Laurie J. Campbell in 1946 for being the Cycle Club Champion the same year. The renewal costs for this licence was 1 shilling per year (equivalent to 10 cents).

Old telephone tools

This is a section of the original telephone exchange in Meekatharra, which was located on the north side of the post office. The telephone exchange was automated in May 1980. Prior to automation, two...

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