Norseman Historical Museum

A lucky horse finds gold and over a hundred years later a museum moves into the old School of Mines.

This museum has one of the most unusual and quirky items you will ever see - ask to see the typewriter keys! (Story below). Norseman Historical Museum celebrates the Goldfields, mining and local history. The Museum is in the old School of Mines, built by Central Norseman Gold Mines. The rooms still feature many of the original fittings and cabinets. There is a diverse collection of items from the school’s assay labs, including brightly coloured chemicals used for testing ores. At the Museum you will find one of the main fuel tanks from Skylab, and a beautifully restored 1895 horse-drawn wagon. There is also an undercover shaded area to sit and relax before you explore what the rest of Norseman has to offer.


43 McGrath St
Norseman WA 6443

Opening Hours

Mon to Thurs 10am - 1pm

Remote health services

When it comes to health care, Norseman St John Ambulance travels long distances. The staff service an area that extends all the way to the South Australian border, or about 736 kilometres of the Eyre...

Worth its weight in gold

Norseman was settled because a horse discovered gold! Legend has it that a horse called Norseman went lame and its owner discovered a piece of rock in its hoof which turned out to be gold bearing...

Crack shot writer

These mangled typewriter keys were discovered on the roof of the Norseman Post Office. It landed there after someone blew up the Courthouse on 23 March 1977. Someone took the law into their own hands...

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