Boomerangs like this are used for ceremony. The boomerangs are tapped together to make a sound, like a drumbeat. They are often used during singing, dancing and ceremony.

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Woodlands Cultural Community and Visitor Centre

Welcome to Ngadju Country

For many travellers Norseman is just a fuel stop, before continuing North, South or East. However, the Woodlands Cultural, Community and Visitor Centre encourages visitors to consider learning about...


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Making music

Clap sticks are percussion instruments, used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Like ceremonial boomerangs they are often used during singing, dancing and ceremony. Instruments like...

Home blacksmithing

This homemade saw, donated by John Dixon was found along the water pipeline in Norseman. It is a classic example of the ‘making do’ or ‘make your own’ approach to life in the early 1900s. Due to...

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