John Deere 1920 Model N tractor

Waterloo Boy

In 1920 this horizontal 2-cylinder kerosene engine tractor was top of the range. Waterloo Boy tractors were first debuted in Kansas in 2018, after John Deere acquired the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company. Waterloo Boy is the oldest tractor in the collection and was fully restored by Kevin Jones and G. Begley. You can find it just inside the entrance to Kevin’s shed.

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Wyalkatchem CBH Agriculture Museum

Wylie Museum

Agriculture and farming go hand in hand with sheds and machinery. This is a phenomenally large collection of tractors, cars and machinery in Wyalkatchem, in a historic wheatbin, and a series of sheds...


Lot 1500 Railway Terrace
Wyalkatchem WA 6485

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Mon to Fri 9am - 4pm; Sat to Sun 10am - 2pm Admission fees apply

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This is not a giant see-saw(!), it is a bag lifter. It was used to haul bags full of grain on the back of a truck, by using a simple rolling motion. Pull down on the empty side without the weight and...

Gifted medical aid

This First Aid Kit was gifted to the Wyalkatchem Red Cross, which operated out of the Country Women’s Association Building.

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Wyalkatchem CBH Agricultural Museum
Wyalkatchem CBH Agricultural Museum
The Wyalkatchem CBH Museum is a fine collection of agricultural history...
Lot 1500 Railway Terrace, Wyalkatchem, WA 6485