Karijini Visitors Centre

Karijini - history, culture and nature

Twisting through the Hamersley Ranges, now famous for iron ore deposits, lies Karijini National Park, with Karijini being the Banyjima name for this area. Visitors can explore the ancient country of the Banyjima, Kurrama and Innawonga peoples. Karijini Visitor Centre merges into the surrounding hills and is situated near spectacular gorges and rockholes, created by Warlu the rainbow serpent. The Centre provides a welcome entry point for visitors to the country, its people and the fauna and flora of the national park. The centre itself is in the shape of a goanna – the tail a symbol of the history, the body and stomach representing the body of Aboriginal Law, and the head representing the future. Every year the park hosts the Karijini Experience, which is a week-long event of music, food, and art, held in the first week of first term holidays in Western Australia.


Karijini National Park, off Karijini Road
Karijini WA

Opening Hours
Late February to mid December 7 days 9am - 4pm
The currency of tea

Tucked under some old flour and sugar bags is this Griffiths Bros Choice Tea tin, a familiar reminder of the hard work of Aboriginal labour on the nearby stations and mustering camps. As you browse...

For ceremony

Standing tall like sentinels, these small headpieces are suitably placed in front of images of the Banyjima dancers in ceremony. In the background, soft rhythmic chanting of traditional songs can be...

Spear Thrower

Beautifully carved and balanced with the intricate herringbone patterns of this region, the spear-thrower stands tall and elegant in its showcase. Although small in size, it is a powerful and dynamic...

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