Byanimby, Goormbidja and Bulyunga by Mignonette Jamin

Painting Murrinh-patha Country

Byanimby, Goormbidja and Bulyunga are the names of three hills that dominate the country at Muthanoohgamaya, near the Fitzmaurice River, in Murrinh-patha country. They are also the names of Mignonette Jamin’s three sons. Vibrant in colour and with distinctive stylistic motifs, her paintings represent the spinifex grasses, water places, rocky ridges, bush palms and other features of her river country. They express the underlying energy of this place. As a traditional healer, Mignonette held cultural authority for her Country and culture, and was one of Waringarri’s senior, well-renowned artists, holding several solo exhibitions in nationally.

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One big mob altogether so that our grandchildren’s, children’s children will know their culture.

The artists say, ‘This place - it’s a good art centre!’ And it is. In the heart of Miriwoong country the Centre is focused on maintaining and passing on culture through dance, story and painting to...


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