Crocodile skin bag

Look out for Bismark

As you enter the Museum, one of the first faces you see is ‘Bismarck’, a croc that was (almost) as big as his namesake ship. A timely reminder, to locals and visitors alike, of the ever-present saltwater crocs that inhabit the region. Just north of the Wyndham Wharf was a favourite place for crocs, due to the ‘Blood Drain’ that ran from the Wyndham Meatworks to the sea. Croc shooting was a popular recreational pastime and, for some, a profitable business. Mrs. Dawe went croc shooting at the Blood Drain in 1937, and subsequently had this bag made, from a piece of croc skin - complete with bullet holes – taken from a croc, that was killed and skinned by meatworker, “Tarzan”.

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Wyndham History and Museum Collection

Not forgotten – the story of Wyndham

Sitting at the confluence of five rivers on the Cambridge Gulf, lies the old town of Wyndham, the most northerly port of Western Australia. After the great cattle treks by Nat Buchanan and the Duracks...


1 MacPhee Street
Wyndham WA 6740

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25 April to 30 Sept 7 days 10am - 2pm; or by collecting the key from the Police Station across the road

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