Yu Family Historical Display

Hidden treasure

A hidden treasure in the heart of Broome's Chinatown, the Yu Family Historical Display can be found housed in the upstairs rooms that sit over their Sung Ming restaurant in what Broome locals used to call Ah Ming’s, or ‘Anawei’s’ store. Housed in an iconic corrugated Chinatown building, it was one of the most popular Chinatown stores where workers could shop after hours for all their needs. Over many years, Hong Yu has collected the throw-away items from the 5 generations of her husband’s family, carefully preserving the ingenuity and story that these makeshift items carry. Intent on sharing with others the story of her family and little understood aspects of Chinese culture, Hong began painstakingly displaying and labelling the objects to explain how her husband's family arrived in Broome, set up a business, and survived the hard times by recycling everything. The motto ‘nothing is wasted’ could have originated here.


14 Carnarvon Street
Broome WA 6725

Opening Hours

Accessible by calling 08 9192 2192 or during restaurant lunch hours

Ah Ming’s (Georgie’s) Desk

This wooden desk, complete with makeshift drawers made out of old packing cases, was the accounting office of Georgy Yu, where the financial records of the business were managed. Traditions came...

Grandpa’s eski

Hong’s inclusion of this old blue plastic eski of ‘grandpa’ Yu Kwok Cheung (George Yu) in the Museum, reveals the intent of her museum to celebrate the integrity and ingenuity of the Yu family and...

Fu, Lu and Shou

Reflecting the spiritual dimension of Chinese life in Broome, the Yu family altar, auspiciously placed near the entrance of the little museum, features statues of Gwang gong, the deified ruler and his...

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