Woven basket by Marjorie Ridley


This small basket holds a very large story, a story of creativity, single mindedness and passion. In the 1930s, in an era when very few women were able to make a living from their craft, Marjorie Ridley succeeded in doing this with the most humble of material - Guildford grass. Also known as onion grass, this ‘despised weed’ can be found everywhere. Ridley perfected a weaving technique with which she made the grass into bags, trays, baskets, wallets, mats and brushes which were bought by many. Interestingly Ridley was cousin to May Gibbs, the artist and author of the Snugglepot and Cuddlepie books. After living in Perth, Ridley moved in the late 1940s to Australind where she was sought out for her woven items.

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