The Great Beyond Explorer’s Hall of Fame and Visitor Centre

Celebrating at the crossroads of early explorers

The Great Beyond highlights the early explorers to come through the region. Begin your journey with a miniature hologram of John Forrest the explorer, and Tommy Windich (Yinel), Aboriginal guide. Be prepared for the booming voices as John Forrest talks to John Septimus Roe or Tommy Windich in his own trek team. The collection contains an intimate display of Edith Laver’s personal items. Edith was married to Dr Charles Laver, after whom the town of Laverton is named. Learn more about how the doctor got gold fever and journeyed to British Flag, close to the current townsite of Laverton. The Visitor Centre is also the perfect place to grab a quick drink or bite to eat before you ‘hit the road’ and continue making your own exploration of WA, or heading out east along the Grand Central Road.


5 Augusta Street
Laverton WA 6440

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri 9am - 4:30pm; Sat, Sun & Public Holidays 9am - 1pm


This mirru (spear thrower) is used to give leverage and length to throw spears. The spear sits tucked into the end of the mirru, near the spike. They were decorated with carving, as a way to identify...

Luxury on the goldfields

This perfume bottle belonged to Edith Laver (nee Atwell). It is on display amongst other personal items received as wedding gifts, including a silver cigarette lighter and button hooks with mother-of...

Camel drivers

Early life on the Goldfields would not have been possible without camels. An estimated 1,500 camels were imported into Australia between 1850 and 1910. Early explorers and those chasing gold in desert...

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A meeting place between the Goldfields and the Wheatbelt

A visit to the Yilgarn Museum is a journey through the history of Southern Cross, which is sometimes referred to as the gateway to the Goldfields region. The museum building is the original courthouse...

A flora herbarium created by local wildflower enthusiasts.

Discover the unique Kulin wattle, Acacia kulinensis and the intriguing Black Toothbrush and Grevillea hookeriana amongst files of over 2000 wheatbelt flora species, which have been pressed and...

Come and find out about the locally famous peach and steak pie!

An important location on the railway line, Nyabing's history is captured at the Settlers Hall. Built in 1915, the hall has been used as a school, Road Board offices, community hall and church. It was...

From planting to plate: discover how grain helped communities grow.

The Grain Discovery Centre is located inside the Narembeen Roadhouse and gives a history of farming and grain growing in the district. There is a fascinating shop display, which shows some of the...

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