Sandalwood Letterpress Museum

Chase the print

Extra, extra read all about it! Feel like you have stepped back in time to a bygone era. Printing enthusiast Keith Schekkerman, who once worked in the printing industry, will give you a tour through the history of letterpress printing. The room is full of tiny letters, which make up the ‘forme’ for letterpress printing. Keith will explain how type used to be cast in lead and show you the various types of presses in action. Stand back - it is noisy and you don't want to get anything caught in the press. Some of the presses in the Museum had previous lives in the WA State Government printing office. There are photographs of the Government printers including the printing press and staff, when it was located on Murray Street in Perth.


8 Grey Street
York WA 6302

Opening Hours
Open by appointment
Leave your own calling card

This small platen press dates from the late 1800s. It was originally intended for making ‘calling cards’, as the press is the right format and size. Calling cards were commonly left at residences by...

Etched plate

This illustration was created using a photoengraving process. The image is put onto a zinc plate photographically. The plate is coated with a light sensitive emulsion and exposed with an image which...


This handmade block cut can be used on a printing press. The block is inked, the paper placed on top, and a heavy press rolled over the block and paper. Block printing is one of the earliest forms of...

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