The Big Camera - Museum of Photography

Walk through the lense of the Big Camera, into a world of cameras.

Walk through the lens of the Big Camera to be transfixed by wall-to-wall cameras! This is believed to be the largest working camera display in the Southern hemisphere. It is a place to learn about the evolution of the camera and photography.


Great Eastern Highway
Meckering WA 6405

Opening Hours

Fri to Tuesday 9am - 5pm

Magic lantern

The Praestantia magic lantern slide projector originally used candles, or oil lamps, as the light source. This projector takes dynamic glass slides. Dynamic slides all have an element which moves...

A gold plated camera with crocodile skin

This camera is a copy of the original Leica Gold, or Luxus II which was 24-carat gold-plated and covered in real crocodile skin. Only a small number of the original special edition cameras were...

A camera small enough to hold in your hand.

Feel like a spy with a fully operational subminiature camera. These cameras were produced from the 1930s onwards, as cheap alternatives to the bulky 35mm SLR camera. A standard SLR camera takes 35mm...

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The Big Camera - Photographic Museum
The Big Camera - Photographic Museum
The Big Camera Museum of Photography is located along the Great Eastern...
Great Eastern Highway, Meckering, WA 6405