Shackleton Progress Association

A Wheatbelt town named after an Antartic explorer.

The Shackleton Hall houses a collection which tells the history of settlement in the area. It also includes information related to Kwolyin, a ghost town, located approximately 9km to the west of Shackleton. Next to the Hall is WA's smallest ever bank, which operated between 1929 and 1994. This small community is located in the Kwolyin Agricultural area, and began as a privately gazetted town in 1914.


47 Jermyn Street
Shackleton WA 6386

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm.
Keys in lockbox at entrance to hall.

A dedication to the Endurance voyage.

The Antarctic Exhibition Room is dedicated to explorer Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton and his Antarctic expeditions in the early 1900s. On his last trip to the Antarctic his ship Endurance became trapped...

Fashionable first appearance

The Debutantes' Ball was an opportunity for young women to make a formal social appearance into society. In 1957, the Country Women's Association hosted the Debutantes' Ball at the Shackleton Hall...

Grab your dance partner

This dance sign has been with the hall since it was built in 1955. The 'Flirtation' sign indicated that it was time to move around and swap dance partners. The dances might include the Pride of Erin...

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While you're in the area

Kwolyin Campsite
Kwolyin Campsite
Kwolyin Campsite is a free campsite situated on what used to be the old...
Kwolyin Camp, Kwolyin, WA 6385
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Kokerbin Rock
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