York Society Research and Archival Centre

Researching the history of York

The York Society Research and Archival Centre is a small but impactful historical group. The collection contains newspapers, maps, rate books and shire records, amongst other archival material. There is a small library of WA local history books where you can read about the interesting early settlement history of York, including the story of how an Aboriginal man assisted with identifying a better access road from Perth to York. The small group of volunteers can assist with historical research. Be sure to email through requests as the Centre is only open one day a week.


Cnr Ford Street and Avon Terrace
York WA 6302

Opening Hours

Most Tuesday's 10am - 3pm, but check the website for most up to date details.

King Dick Road

This is thought to be one of the oldest maps of the York district. It was found under the bed of a resident, who donated it to the collection. This map shows the original King Dick Road, named after...


These are York’s original rates books. They contain information about blocks of land, subdivision of land and home ownership. Rate books are extremely important research resources, and the information...

View of York

This page from the Eastern Districts Chronicle, Saturday 18 February 1893, is an artist's impression of York and the principal businesses in town. The Wool and J.H Monger and Co. Produce Store...

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