Pearl Luggers by Willie Creek

A real pearler

At the Pearl Luggers, now part of Willie Creek Pearls, you will discover the rich and fascinating history of pearling in Broome and be captivated by the tales of the sea, the people, and the legends. With one of the last remaining luggers of Broome, and Australia, and all the associated equipment, the lugger era of pearling comes alive. Willie Creek Pearls also run tours to their pearl farm at Willie Creek.


31 Dampier Terrace
Broome WA 6725

Opening Hours

Please view or call (08) 9192 0000 to check opening hours.


The hooker divers of old did not get wet. They wore large, waterproofed canvas and rubber suits, that filled with air as they descended to the sea bottom. Working for hours every day, in depths of up...

A Broome lugger

One of the last luggers in Broome, the B4 wears the tell-tale colours of green and white of the Streeter and Male pearling fleet. The boat is named after Sam Male whose father and uncle set up...

Hard hat diver

The pearl shell divers didn't really dive. Rather, the divers walked along the sea bottom, dragged along by the lugger as it drifted over the shell patches. To help keep them down on the seabed...

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