Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

One big mob altogether so that our grandchildren’s, children’s children will know their culture.

The artists say, ‘This place - it’s a good art centre!’ And it is. In the heart of Miriwoong country the Centre is focused on maintaining and passing on culture through dance, story and painting to the younger generation. Transcending western boundaries, Waringarri artists come from a raft of language groups from east Kimberley and across the Northern Territory border. Waringarri also supports Kira Kiro Artists, based in the remote northern community of Kalumburu. A hive of activity, the Centre includes an art gallery and shop, exhibition space and artist work spaces. Surrounded by landscaped gardens that feature the wetlands of the region, it is a welcoming place for visitors who can wander through the Centre, and engage with artists as they work. Constantly teaching their young folk, they also hold joonba performances and run daily art and cultural tours. The Dawang Gallery holds the collection that documents nearly 40 years of artistic and cultural activity, with works from all Waringarri artists, past and present. The collection is an impressive archive and testament to the commitment to holding culture and story for the future. Collaborative art works, such as the giant bronze cast boab carvings and the family murals in the Court house, can be seen throughout Kununurra.


16 Speargrass Road
Kununurra WA 6743

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri 9am - 4:30pm; May to Sept also open Sat 10am – 2pm

Dingo dreaming: A Paddy Carlton painting

Paddy’s country is Goorbijim - the Bullo River that flows into the great Victoria River, depicted as the central feature of this painting. The hills and water holes of the painting tell the story of a...

Mummy Wandjina

Wandjina have families too. Ever-present, elusive and powerful, they not only paint themselves on to the walls of their caves; they marry and have children, just like the humans with whom they...

Beautiful and practical

This delicate, traditional bark container, with attached hair string, is part of the Dawang collection. Decorated in modest design that imbue the container with spirit, it expresses the unity of...

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‘We do art and tell the story.’

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